Block Producer

WAX Galaxy is a Guild on WAX Blockchain Network providing the validator nodes and supporting infrastructure for interacting with the network. We provide infrastructure for both Mainnet and Testnet. 

Location of servers

Our infrastructure has auto-failover redundancy across the below locations:

  • Finland
  • Germany

Type of servers

  • All our servers use Green Energy.
  • All our servers are Bare metal servers with good processors and disks.

Technical Specification

All our infrastructure use green energy to produce blocks. Below are the specs we plan to use as a WAX Guild to produce blocks:

  • Scalable Hardware

State-History Nodes:

  • 2 * Full State-History Nodes: Intel® Core™ i9–9900K Octa-Core Coffee Lake R with 128GB RAM, 4TB NvME SSD disks for Full-History Support.
  • 1 * Full State-History Nodes: Intel® Core™ i7-8700 Hexa-Core Coffee Lake with 64GB RAM, 6TB HDD disks for backup & snapshots

Hyperion API Nodes:

  • Intel® Xeon® W-2295 18-Core Cascade Lake W with 128GB RAM initially & 6TB NvME SSD disks. [Optimised Performance, Cross-Datacentre Fail-Over Redundancy]

Producer Nodes:

  • 2 - Intel® Core™ i9 9900k with 128GB RAM and 4TB NvME SSD disks.
  • Peering nodes - Private and Public to maintain network stability.

You can find our endpoints listed here


All our infrastructure is behind multiple firewalls. DDOS Protection is implemented as well.

We will ensure to test & implement all security updates without any disturbance to the network. We will perform monthly server and infrastructure health check.


The below graph clearly shows that our node provides one of the best performance in WAX Blockchain Network. — Source


Today WAX Galaxy team consists of 6 key people, 

Sukesh Kumar Tedla - CEO & Founder, GreenEOSIO

A young entrepreneur focused and a tech enthusiast who envisions a fair & transparent Internet with complete freedom of choice.

  • CEO & Founder of Unbiased AB, Kryptoskatt
  • Chairman of Swedish Blockchain Association
  • 6+ Years of ICT & SysAdmin Experience

Mahathi Poreddy - Co-Founder & Strategist

A friendly individual who is passionate about nature and sustainability. She always brings a different perspective to the table.

  • Masters in Radio communications
  • 5+ years of working experience in software testing & development.
  • She has a background in research of 5G technologies.

Richard Rydell - HR & Administration (Advisor)

He is an early member of the Unbiased team. Previously worked at the eCommerce Start-up NA-KD and possesses 10+ years of experience in various roles both in management & technology.

Billy Jörgensen - Legal Advisor & IP Strategist

He is a professional IP Strategist with experience in International Law. He is an advisor at Unbiased.

Akash Kaveti - Cloud and IT Architect (Consultant)

He is an experienced cloud architect. Hands-On architecture design and setup across multiple clouds.

  • Possesses Masters in Telecommunications.
  • Based in Sweden

Brian Woodward - Branding & Marketing Lead (Consultant)

He is an active member in the WAX community and also has 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, SEM, SEO and Branding.

  • Based in Auckland, New Zealand