WAX Galaxy

We are a WAX Guild focused on sustainable and reliable block producing, building nft tools for users and promoting the WAX ecosystem via social channels.

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Monitor NFT SAlES

Learn more about the easiest way to keep track of your WAXP NFT sales and transfers

About wax galaxy

Learn more about the WAX Galaxy Guild and what we're all about

wax defi stats & links

Learn more about WAX DEFI performance and how to participate

Why vote for WAX Galaxy?

WAX Galaxy previously GreenEOSIO is one of the top block producers on multiple EOSIO chains. Our goal for WAX is to help promote sustainability and mass adoption.
Top Block Producer

The node run by WAX Galaxy provides one of the best performance in the WAX Blockchain Network. Check it here

Bringing Projects

We're ramping up our efforts to bring new projects to WAX with platforms like T-Starter and Kryptoskatt already integrating WAX

Creating NFT Tools

From tracking NFT sales to filling in your crypto/nft tax return we're doing our best to bring useful tools to WAX users

Green Energy

We use renewable energy to produce our blocks helping keep WAX carbon neutral


We have started to produce content to support WAX where we see gaps in what is currently available

Social Engagement

With our social accounts and promotions we're helping spread the word about WAX to the world