WAX Galaxy - New year Updates

Happy New year guys!!!

The year just passed by and in midst of all the chaos, the WAX Galaxy team and WAX ecosystem grew quite a lot. During the holidays, we have been busy working on our products, planning for the next year. We are excited for 2022!

If you missed our last update, you can read it here

Let’s have a short recap of what happened during the last month in the ecosystem and dig into the WAXGalaxy updates.

Highlights of December/January:

WAX DeFi Stats:

  • 🔥 Total $WAXP burned: 50.08M ($23,507,151)
  • 💰 Rewards distributed to participants: + 1004.8 ETH ($4,042,300)
  • 🐷 PiggyBank: + 502.4 ETH ($2,021,150)
  • 💸 Epoch 19 APR: ~ 68%

Don’t miss out, stake before the new epoch begins & earn rewards: go.wax.io/DeFi

You can also check out our https://waxgalaxy.io/wax-blockchain-defi for up to date information.

WAX Galaxy Updates

As I always state, our primary object as a Guild is to provide a stable infrastructure to the WAX network. And over the last year, we have proven ourselves to be one of the stable infra providers in the ecosystem.

  • You can find information about our endpoints here.
  • Our generic public APIs served more than 500 million requests during the last 28days.
  • Our History public APIs are also stable and are supporting around 2+ million requests/day on average.

If you have any custom needs or want someone to offer standalone API nodes, feel free to directly reach out by sending a message to @sukeshtedla on telegram.

Our Ecosystem Development Activities

At the moment, we are mainly working with Kryptoskatt and our WAX API services at moment supporting the ecosystem, below you can find the latest updates about them:

Kryptoskatt — All in one Crypto Tax and Accounting Software

Key Improvements/Updates:

We launched a public beta and has received great feedback from the users so far and we have been actively working on optimizing the platform accordingly.

Latest Features & Functionality updates:

  • NFT pages are optimized
  • Optimized to support accounts with 1000s of transactions
  • Reports are optimised

Upcoming Updates:

  • New Exchanges and Wallets support
  • Adding support for new countries
  • Onboarding more WAX community users

You can test the latest platform here: dev.kryptoskatt.com

Sign up for main platform here: https://kryptoskatt.com/

WAX API Services — Standalone & Metered

Latest Updates:

  • Actively supporting our customers with both Hyperion and Atomic API nodes. One of the familiar customers is HodlGod.
  • API as a Service portal is almost ready, doing some final testing and UI optimizations. You can check it out here: https://pro.waxgalaxy.io/

Upcoming Updates:

  • Portal optimizations
  • Launch of documentation portal for infrastructure management and setup here: https://docs.waxgalaxy.io/, a lot more content needs to be added.
  • Events Subscription support

We are also managing this telegram group to match the service providers with developers: https://t.me/waxapi

Our community engagement contributions:

In addition to the above, we also actively engage in growing the community through content creation, marketing and promotional activities. If you are following us, you already know that we are always active on Twitter, Telegram and Discord channels.

If not stop reading and follow now on Medium and Twitter to keep up-to-date!

Below are a few highlights of our work from this month:

We are also actively managing and engaging in the telegram groups — @waxjobs telegram group with 287 members and @WaxTradeTalk

Our Telegram Bots:

If you haven’t used them already, check them out now, they help you keep track of your WAX accounts and notify you when there are any token transfers.

Telegram: @waxgalaxybot, @waxgreenybot

We have almost 800 people using it and monitoring more than 1300 accounts today! Don’t wait anymore!

That’s it, guys! Thanks for taking the time to read through our updates.

If you think we are doing a great job, don’t forget to vote and support us. You can vote for us by following this link.

If you have more feedback regarding our work and would like to partner with us, please reach out to @sukeshtedla in telegram.

You can also follow us on Medium and Twitter to keep up-to-date.

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